The perils of basement digging

9th December 2013

When a period property on Lower Sloane Street was redeveloped it must have seemed an excellent idea to excavate the basement to create more space for the ground floor commercial unit. The unfortunate results can be seen in the accompanying photograph. Subsidence resulting from the work has caused the buildings at either side of the works to lean considerably inwards. The brickwork on the left has shown some alarming cracking, visible after the disintegration of the fascia, and the windows are being held in by some improvised woodwork. The same fate has been suffered by the building to the right but as this is now covered in scaffolding the damage is not visible. 

No doubt some solid underpinning will restore the two buildings to their former grandeur and one can only imagine the legal arguments over responsibility. Ironically the newly refurbished cause of the problem seems not to have shared its neighbours' suffering.

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