Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy staff

12th August 2015

Core Pilates is the premium Pilates clinic in West London. It operates from a studio beneath our office, and I can say with full conviction that it is very good indeed. How do I know? Because every Thursday morning the Champions staff take a Pilates course there.

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Kingsley Lives! (well, sort of)

11th August 2015

Kensington Church Street is a great place to work. It combines the elegant and the off-beat in a way that cannot help but lift the spirits. In our own particular contribution to the off-beat, we introduce the new incarnation of our iconic pink Pointer, Kingsley.

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How much are international students worth to London?

10th August 2015

One of the reasons that September is such a busy month for lettings is the arrival in London of so many students from overseas. Far from the cheap bedsit image that some people might imagine, these students make a huge financial contribution to London

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