Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

16th November 2015

From the 1st October 2015 , smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms must be installed in rented residential accommodation and checked before the start of each new tenancy.

What does this mean?

It should be noted that carbon monoxide alarms are only necessary in properties with a solid fuel heating system. I do not think we let a single property with such a system and can only assume they are quite rare in central London. 

Smoke alarms are mandatory for every let property.

If you let your own properties you should take care to test these with your tenant at the beginning of the tenancy, or, if you have an inventory clerk, have him do it for you.

What are we doing at Champions?

In the vast majority of cases we use an inventory clerk to check in tenants and we have made suitable arrangements with the inventory providers to test the smoke alarm and have this recorded in the check in report.

In the rare occasions where there is no check in report, we make specific arrangements with the landlord.

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