Video Viewings Are Yesterday’s News

30th June 2020

Here at Champions, we hold the strong believe that there isn’t a substitute for seeing a property in person.

During the start of the lockdown, it looked like virtual viewings might be the way forward while socially distancing is being practised. However, here at Champions we do understand that for some individuals, a video viewing may be the only option- After giving it a go we found that for us, it took away from the professionalism we try and stride for.

In light of recent information, agencies are in fact saying take up has been low and video tours aren’t able to pull in clients willing to commit to property that they haven’t experienced in person.

What we are doing at Champions?

At Champions, our philosophy is not about getting as many instructions as possible. Instead we build, honest long-term relationships with our clients, encouraging a viewing and providing all the facts before asking for a commitment. With the change in direction and heading back towards normality, our lead negotiator Alex, had this to comment- ‘Physical viewings form a trust between parties and negates potential unforeseen problems that a prospective tenant might have.’

The easing of lockdown has started to give us a bit more breathing room and at Champions, we still strongly recommended viewing the property in the flesh. However, don’t fret, we are up and running and are keeping to the current social distance guidelines to help you make the best decision going forward. 

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