How Are Tenant’s Paying Rent During COVID-19?

1st July 2020

Difficult times call for difficult measures and this is the case for the current housing market.  

If you’ve been scratching your head trying to figure out how tenants have continued paying rent and what’s the knock-on effect on landlords, then don’t worry! You’re not alone. We at Champions have been asking ourselves the same question and are finally able to provide some answers.

We’ve found that a high proportion of our tenants are working from home which for us and them, is business as usual. However there have been a small number of tenants who have found it more difficult to achieve the correct levels of rent. Our job here, is to liaise between tenants and landlords to find a happy and fair median.

Tough times call for unity. We must remember that all of us together are trying to traverse our way through the current pandemic – we have a good relations with our clients and with our recommendation have been assisting tenants through reductions in rent. This might not be ideal for landlords, but from our experience gaining 3 months’ rent with at a slight reduction and keeping up positive dealings is much better than no rent and bad relations.

Going forward Champions will continue to do our upmost to keep our clients happy and safe during these times.  

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