Champions are Back!

2nd July 2020

During the lockdown we have continued to work remotely- But now we are very pleased to inform you the office is back to business as usual.

In house we have been following the guidelines over the last three weeks and adapting to the easing of the restrictions put in force by COVID-19. Therefore we are making sure the correct measures are in place to keep all of us here, and the public safe.

Returning to Business- What has this meant?

It’s too early to say what the long-term affect COVID-19 will have on the residential housing market. Unsurprisingly, we found an increase in uncertainty due to the times has caused a stagnation in landlords wanting to sell their property.

On the flip side, lettings have been unusually busy. We at Champions know that the feeling of being trapped inside the same four walls can cause low spirts whilst the pandemic continues. That’s why we believe a change of scene can bring about the much-needed positive outlook on mental wellbeing. Something we all need to get through this crisis.

With our return to office, we are excited to be back working actively at securing great tenants for our loyal clients and to generate new business for those joining the Champions Family. 

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